The area

Le Paradis is situated in Parc Naturel de la Lorraine, close by Lac de Madine. Here, you can find beautiful forests, where many trails have been set out. Whether you go by foot, on a horse, by car, motorcycle, or bike, here you can discover unique landscapes and visit places where art, history and tradition come together. Also the flora and fauna of the Lorraine are worth looking at: herons, cranes, truffles, blueberries, and deer can be found here. The locals and farmers are very concerned with preserving the nature of the region. They live in harmony with their fields and have been able to maintain the human scale in their activities.

The First World War has played a tremendous role in the area around Le Paradis. Even now traces of this war are visible. Trenches, forts and other defence structures, impressive cemeteries and monuments are constant reminders. Looking from our garden you can see the American monument Butte de Montsec.

Various cities are more than worth visiting:
Metz, a lovely shopping city, with the recently opened Centre Pompidou – Metz,
Nancy with the Place Stanislas (the square with the golden fences) and the Musee des Beaux Arts,
Verdun with the many (not so uplifting, but impressive) reminders of the First World War, but also with its atmospheric boulevard along the Meuse.

In the Lorraine region, you don’t have to just sit around; there are many opportunities to go out.
Except for the larger cities, the area houses beautiful castles and monuments. There is always a market or an antiques fair around or local festivities are being held. Would you like to have more information? Ask for the activities in the region and visit